Light Language is a transmission of energy that is of higher vibrational energy. This can be in the form of words, sounds, movement, images, numbers and colours.

It is a heart based conceptual form of communication. It can allow healing, upgrading, clearing and new ideas and processes as well as guidance in your life by adjusting your energy field and energy body. Light Language can bring in your unique soul frequency in resonance with you so you can more easily access it from your human mind and experience. The information is often not communicated through your conscious mind, but when you hear or see it you feel it through your heart.

Light Language is multi-dimensional communication. It can come from your Higher Self, Source/God/Creator, your Guides or from High Vibrational Beings such as Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realms, Galactic Star Beings or Elemental Beings.

Scroll down below to see some Light Language images. Look at the images, do they invoke any emotions or feelings? Do any thoughts come to mind? Do the different images bring different feelings?

I offer personal Light Language readings and transmissions for healing and activations.

More updates and audio transmissions coming soon.

Light Language Appointment