Rachael Ralli

My mission is to bring more light to the earth and to help others connect back to their true self and spiritual energetic nature, to activate their natural abilities, to find more health, more joy, more self-love and more peace in their lives.

Sessions together help you rediscover lost parts of yourself and to start to live right now with more optimism, harmony and purpose.

I have a background as a healer, holistic counsellor, life coach, as well as medical research scientist and creative. I offer transformative private sessions to shift energies in your physical, emotional and energetic body as well as activations for change in your life. Sessions can connect you back to both earthy energies and higher dimensional realms.

Private sessions offer a unique combination of: energy healing from higher dimensions, activations, energetic clearings and clearing of blockages, divine guidance from your guides, the angelic realm, elementals, other higher dimensional beings, galactic family and ancestors, light language transmissions and holistic counselling or coaching to reach your goals. The divine essence of my soul wisdom is channelled through in all appointments to guide and support you.

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Hi! I’m Rachael Ralli

I’m an energetic alchemist and use energy healing from higher dimensions (intuitive quantum healing), divine guidance and light language to heal bodies, minds and lives. I bring forth channelled energy and use my intuitive skills to not only help you heal your physical body, but to also change your subconscious beliefs and conscious thought patterns. This works to then change the way you behave and what you create in your reality. Step past limitations and fears stopping you from reaching your potential. It is time to start living the life you really want to live (and love). I want to inspire you to know how truly incredible you and your body already are.

Private sessions allow for personal expansion, self-discovery and physical, emotional, mental (thoughts) and spiritual healing. Discover your true capability and the empowerment you already have inside you. Truly believe in yourself and trust life. Start feeling more optimistic and passionate for life. Heal your body and mind. Get guidance from higher awareness.

Our world is changing and many of us are facing challenging experiences with uncertainty and division around us. Feel supported to connect back to your true self and find more alignment with your higher self, your higher purpose and your health.

I originally studied in Science and worked as a medical research scientist. As I examined my own health challenges over many years in my 20s I remembered the true importance of the spiritual and energetic nature of this world and chose to leave the science industry in 2016. I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor and also became a Certified Life Coach in several specialities. I am trained and qualified in a number of Vibrational Energy Healing modalities, and am a Reiki Master and Teacher as well as an Ashati Grand Master. I have also trained others in Energy Healing.

Find our more about private sessions, or keep reading below to find out more of Rachael’s story.

A bit more about Rachael

I was born in a country town in Victoria and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. I now live on the east coast of Australia in the Northern Rivers region of Northern NSW. As a child I was inherently connected to nature, higher dimensional beings and lived mostly in my own world with a connection to the unseen. I love all things nature as well as travel, bush walking, yin yoga and cacao.

I began my exploration into Energy Healing in my 20s. I discovered the benefits of complementary therapies for my own health issues, which the medical industry had not been able to properly diagnose and cure. After many years of seeing multiple specialists in different fields – endocrinologists, dieticians, gastroenterologists, gynaecologists and others – I realised I needed to take my health into my own hands!

Through my 20s I had many digestive issues, severe food allergies and intolerances – at one point I could eat only chicken and rice without my body reacting to any other food and I lost over 20kg (44 pounds) in under a 2 month period. My body was rejecting all food. Through these years I also had chronic fatigue, brain-fog, a pituitary tumour, hormonal issues as well as problems with my ears requiring surgery, all combined with depression.  

After realising that the answer to my many health woes wasn’t in the medical field – and being told directly by specialists that they could not help me – I looked elsewhere, after first almost giving up completely. I found natural therapies and healers to assist me, and then studied many Energy Healing techniques with different Energy Healers to eventually heal all my conditions. Throughout the years I learnt everything I could about other modalities and topics to help overcome my own illnesses and health challenges. I also learnt that looking at emotions and thoughts as well as past traumas is critical to our health. It is overlooked in western medicine, but is vital for true health.

It was with support from other great healers that I could heal. I overcame my health struggles and realised how good you can truly feel in your body and in your life. More than I could even imagine. I no longer have these health challenges, any food allergies (I can eat any food I want! :D), no hormonal challenges and feel truly optimistic for life. I now offer you the support you need in your life to reach your goals too.

I realised one of the most important things is living a joyful life, in as many moments as we can, and following our own intuition and divine guidance to lead us to that. That is the true key to a healthy, happy life.

– Rachael Ralli


My primary studies included a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry and Bachelor of Science (Honours). In University I was awarded “Top of the Class” in a number of my subjects. I was an “overachiever” with a type A personality in which if it wasn’t 100%, it wasn’t good enough!! I worked in a well-known cancer research centre and in a private biomedical company within Australia. I loved being in the lab and trying to improve people’s health through research. I thought at the time that science was the answer to everything. But I realised the way I was living and the stress of that lifestyle wasn’t what I wanted. That the industry was not what I thought it was, nor could I continue to live like that. And I also realised that there was something more.

Rachael in the manufacturing plant when she worked in biotechnology research on blood diagnostic medical devices in 2015.

My health challenges led me back to my spiritual side and re-remembering what I knew when I was much younger. There are unseen aspects of our world. We have many layers of ourself, not all seen by our physical bodies. We can heal from within. The power of our consciousness can change the physical world. The latest science research on energy, quantum physics and health shows us this. And ancient spiritual texts and cultures have always known this.

I realised there was more I could offer to others connecting directly with them. I expanded my studies with a Diploma in Holistic Counselling and explored many other healing complementary therapies. I am also a certified Life Coach, Laughter Facilitator and Meditation Circle Practitioner. I still love learning and exploring different mechanisms for healing, spirituality and consciousness, but more importantly it is tuning into my inner knowing and higher guidance above all else. I now incorporate my knowledge of the scientific field and spirituality to help others, knowing that they are extremely interconnected, if not the VERY same thing. I combine my medical and science knowledge of the body and cell functions with spiritual concepts and new systems and information.

All of these studies have given me tools and knowledge, but my true wisdom and skills come from the innate inner knowing and divine essence of my soul wisdom channelled through to guide and support you.

Our Natural World

My travels around the world strengthened my wonderful connection to nature and this planet’s healing abilities and energies. We are nature, nature is us. After I left research in the science field in 2016 I travelled solo for 9 months through 13 different countries in Europe, Morocco and Egypt. During these travels is when I was activated in my ability to speak and use light language and other further natural abilities lying dormant. Travelling solo (for the most part) meant I could truly connect to my innate intuition and the energetic world. I have also travelled to Canada’s west coast and South America and throughout Australia. These travels to many sacred sites, power spots and connection with the earth in these places, and to its ancestors, allowed me to further my connection to the earth and the ancient wisdom she and its people hold to bring forth my gifts to others.

Rachael’s original business logo she designed, representing the elements, the earth and existence.

Divine energy is all around us and within us – everything is made up of energy and good really can be found in everything. The universe is skewed in our favour – if we let it.

– Rachael Ralli
Rachael Ralli

I am passionate about assisting others to take control of their own lives by encouraging people to know how truly incredible they and their bodies are. My healing appointments aim to support and inspire you in knowing your own healing capability and who you can be. I help people transform themselves in a way that enriches mind, body and spirit. I bring forth your strength and confidence for you to be living the life you want to live and connecting with your own divine spiritual self. 

I will not only work with you to help you to re-discover your true potential of who you came to be, but also help your body and energetic self be in a better state of health to reach this potential. I will show you how to live with more health, more joy, more grace and more passion and purpose in your life. If you are ready, it is waiting for you. Step beyond what is holding you back and into your soul’s calling.

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