Chakra Healing and Balancing

Private sessions allow for personal expansion, self-discovery and physical, emotional, mental (thoughts) and spiritual healing. Discover your true capability and the empowerment you already have inside you. Truly believe in yourself and trust life. Heal your body and mind. Get guidance from higher awareness.

Rachael offers private healing sessions both in person and online. Sessions shift the energetic resonance of who you are. Our energies are the root cause of both our life manifestations of what we keep creating as well as our physical and emotional challenges.

  • Transform Emotions, Past Experiences and Energies in the Body
  • Change Subconscious Beliefs and Patterns
  • Connect to Inner Guidance and Activate Innate Higher Abilities
  • Step Beyond What’s Holding you Back and into your Soul’s Calling

Appointments offer a unique combination of hands on healing, calling in of energies and connection to the quantum field, as well as sound and light language during sessions as well as divine guidance. Rachael works with the earthly energies (crystals, plants, animals and gaia), the elements, elementals, ascended masters, as well as angelic and galactic energies. Rachael can also offer personal activations and energetic clearings of your body and home/land.

Sessions look to transform subconscious beliefs and repeating patterns which can be from this life, other lives (past or future) or your ancestral or soul lineage. Appointments can have specific focuses you wish to work on in your life, be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual or a general topic of healing.

It is recommended you set clear intentions of what you wish to gain from your appointments to allow the alignment of the right energies from the time of booking and leading up to the appointment as well as afterwards.

Rachael is an intuitive quantum healer, alchemist, holistic counsellor, creative and personal transformation guide. Rachael also has a background as a medical research scientist. Find out more about Rachael if you have not already. The divine essence of her soul wisdom is channelled through in all appointments to guide and support you.

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**Appointments are available in Wooyung in the Northern Rivers region NSW, Australia as well as online via video call to anywhere in the world **

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